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Notice Regarding Reduced Fees

The pandemic has put us all into very difficult times and we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those parents who have been with us to take the education of our children forward. Our relationship with all parents has been always as one of a family. The Management also has always tried its utmost to extend its support whenever and wherever there’s a financial crunch with concessions, so that education is never denied to any child. We know that bad times do not last for long and so when the sun shines again and when the school will once again be buzzing with the joyful laughter of the children, we wish to continue with the same commitment for the holistic development and wholesome grooming of every individual child we hold so dear.


In Compliance with the order of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court issued on October 13, 2020 we append below the revised fees for the different levels of the school with a 20% deduction in the fees of 2019-2020 which does not include laboratory, Library and computer charges.


Offline payment can be made with immediate effect and online payment w.e.f. 09.11.2020.

As per directive please note the following:

1. “There is no increase in fees during financial year 2020-2021”.

2. “Parents and guardians of students are requested not to avail of the reduction in schools fees, if their financial situation does not merit the reduction. However, if any set of guardians or parents obtains the benefit, no questions in such regard can be asked”.

3. “There will be no refund of the fees already paid. However, to the extent fees have already been paid which are in excess of the directions contained herein, suitable adjustments will be made over the remaining months of the financial year, unless the parents agree in writing otherwise”.