Praying and Paving Our Way to Excellence

Dark were the hours of remote learning when we were confined to the safety of our homes while the pandemic raged outdoors. But now we re-assemble once more in the light of our resounding victory over disease and malady. Morning Assembly is an integral part of our lives for it imparts moral and practical knowledge besides encouraging leadership, teamwork and solidarity.



Battle of Words

Promoting vocabulary, grammar and communication skills has always been crucial to the school’s vision of preparing its students for the competitive world. In pursuing that vision, the first round of the myCoolQ Spell-a-thon Olympiad, mentored by IIM Bangalore, was held in school where students from across classes took to their pens for a fierce battle of wits, words and wisdom.


Investiture Ceremony

Donning the Mantle of Leadership!!

The investiture ceremony has always been an integral part and a special event in the school calendar. Students who stand out from the rest by dint of their virtues and leadership qualities are selected to form The Prefectorial Body of the School. Kaustav Bagchi (XII Commerce) and Sneha Singh (XII Commerce) have been unanimously selected as School Captain and Vice-Captain respectively for the Session 2022-2023.




Bosco Fest

Invincible Gems!

With each passing year, National Gems is leaving a bigger and wider footprint on the co-curriculum scene in the city. In the 37th edition of the Bosco Fest held on 16.07.2022, out of a contingent of 31 students, NGHSS secured the first position in Bosco Honeycomb (Art) competition and the second position in Bosco Nritya (Eastern Dance) competition, while fighting it out with the best and brightest that Kolkata has to offer.