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The library forms a vital part of the school system of education and information storage and retrieval. They make available through books and various recordings, knowledge that has been accumulated through the years.

The teachers and students use the library resources in their daily work. Students satisfy a desire for knowledge or obtain materials for some kind of leisure-time activity or project work relating to different subjects.

Our school library serves as a centre for a wide variety of educational media such as reference text books of all Subjects, Periodicals, and Magazines on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Weekly and Monthly Magazines Such As Sport Star, Sports Plus, Cricket Plus, Football World, India Today The Week, Science Reporters, Competitive Refresher, Educational World, Down To Earth-(an environmental magazine) etc.

Children also have access to daily newspaper like the Telegraph, The Times of India, information regarding council syllabus and rules, pamphlets, maps, photographs, educational DVDs on literature text plays. They can also avail of all previous question papers of the school and board examinations from the years 2003-2014.

There are various books on science, Quiz, Ancient and Current Affairs, Day to Day References Books, Atlases, Various Encyclopedias, Government Publications, Story Books on Fiction and Books of Various Authors.

Children are allowed to take story books and study materials for three to seven days depending on the types of the books they take on producing their library membership card. Senior children can also avail of the British Council Library membership cards to visit the British Council Library at Camac Street, kolkata. Books and DVDs can be borrowed for a certain period of time according to the rules and regulations of The British Council.

The school librarian works closely with the teachers and students in helping them to use the library materials and to develop good reading and study habits.

At National Gems Higher Secondary School we are much privileged to have a bright and airy library with natural light, comfortable furniture that provide a pleasant surrounding for students and teachers.