Attendance & Punctuality

  1. Regular attendance is of utmost importance especially on the first and last day of each term. Any deviation in this regard will be treated as an infringement of school discipline.
  2. 80% attendance is a must for each term.
  3. A student must attend school in time.
    1. Students arriving after the commencement of the Opening Prayer will not be allowed to attend school for that day under all circumstances.
    2. Late arrival or early leave will result in the student not getting attendance for the day.
    3. Requests for early departure will not be entertained, except for an absolute emergency

Absence & Sickness

  1. Parents / Guardians should make an entry in the prescribed column printed in the School Diary stating the reason whenever a student is absent.
  2. A formal letter, along with appropriate Medical Documents, is necessary in case of sickness for more than three days.
  3. Students afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period. Before rejoining School a Fit Certificate from the Physician must be submitted, along with a forwarding letter.
  4. The Head of the Institution’s prior permission for leave of absence from school is essential if absence is anticipated.
  5. Students who are absent for many days without any information will have their names struck off the school rolls.