From The Principal’s Desk


The mission and vision of every school is to educate the child. By education we do not mean the mere accumulation of degrees. Education means knowledge which builds up an individuality and commands respect everywhere. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi – education draws out the best in the child – in body, mind and spirit. It commands a refinement of thoughts, ideas and words. It builds up efficiency and efficacy. But in the present day context, when there is a boom in technology, immense care is required to filter knowledge and its use. As teachers, educators and care – givers, our constant endeavour is to focus on the positive aspect of technology and use it to our advantage. Our internal plan therefore is to guide our students to make a positive use of technology for nurturing a creative mind. We envision a holistic development in every child. Our focus is not just an academic excellence but also on co – curricular activities and thus “to hold high our banner.”